FreeuseFantasy – Selena Ivy & Gal Ritchie – Scary Freeuse Camp!


New episode by FreeuseFantasy with Lady Ritchie and Selena Ivy in Unnerving Freeuse Camp! Camp advisor Calvin loses all sense of direction in the forest with obstinate campers Lady and Selena. The young ladies got sidetracked from the gathering during the pit fire and Calvin followed them, so they continued to stroll until they tracked down an unwanted house. They choose to go through the night there and return to camp in the first part of the day, yet much to their dismay a chronic executioner is in the house and waiting to pounce for youthful blood. It depends on Calvin to guard the young ladies while he freeuses them. Will they survive the ordeal? 10
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Date: November 1, 2023
Pornstars: Gal Ritchie / Selena Ivy