How Earn 1000 $ Per Month With Own Adult Tube Site

Who Hates Porn Videos Today, There is more than half internet full of Porn Contents. In Present Time Porn Industry Have 97 billion dollars industry and Its Still Countinuously Increasing Day By Day. So There is Common Question How Earn From Own Adult Tube Site. So Here we Explain Full Information about How To Make Adult Tube Site, How Gain Traffic on Adult Tube site, How Earn Or Monetizing Adult Tube Site, etc.

How To Make Adult Tube Site

Building An Own Adult Tube Site Is Spending Some Money Like Investment in bussiness.

No Investments No Gain !

Don’t Skip the Post If You Want Full Knowledge about the Adult Tub Site..


First you choose you niche of adult site. Yes you want to make your adult site on niche and sub niche don’t go for general because the Xvideos, Pornhub, Retube etc these site are huge General Adult tube site and no you can competite these sites. So Choose your Niche. For Choosing Your Profitable Niche By Xvideos.

Go on Xvideos then Click on All Tags Of Xvideos

There is large Tag or Niche or Sub niche Database on Xvideos.

Then Choose the Niche which have Videos near about 50,000 to 1,00,000 Videos.

Own Adult Tube Site niche Selection

Note – Don’t choose Big Niche Like Anal , Blowjob, Milf Etc Because there is millions of site also available of these niche site on internet.


After Choosing Your Adult Niche Start Researching on Your Niche. Easy Way to know the search volume and competition on your niche is Google Adwards Keyword Planner Free.

Visit on Google AdWords and Sign in with your Google Account.

After Log in Click on Ideas On Upper Right Portion

And Click on Keyword Planner to Discover the Keyword.

Put Your Niche and Search. Like You Choose Stepmom Porn Niche Then Search The Keyword of Stepmom porn.

By this free tool you understand The Competition on keyword if Search volume is 10 K To 100 K With Low Competition than You Go With This Niche.


Buying Domain is the another important step because your 40 percent traffic based on your Domain Name. You must have domain name based on your niche Like Your Niche Is Stepmom porn Then Your Site Domain Name Is Like


PornStepmom etc

Note – You choose only .com TLD Domain For Better SEO and Your Main Keyword of Niche is visible on Domain Name Must.

After Buying Domain Name buy DMCA Ignoring Hosting of minimum Half Year.

You have To buy DMCA Ignoring Hosting Because you used Copyrighted Content on your And These Hosting Helps To Protect to the copyright issues.

If you Don’t Know About DMCA Ignoring Hosting Than you Visit Any Hosting Site or search In Google DMCA Ignoring Hosting You Can Found Easily.


Adult Tube Site is completely different from other Sites. Because There is Use of Some Script For Playing Videos, Embeding Videos , And Earning From over Site. And For Script I generelly used Wp Script Because it best script provides spaces for ad spaces, Clean tube player which help to redirecting visitors and shows your ads in videos.

Buy Wp Script And gain full knowledge From Here

Wp Script For Adult Site


After Connecting domain to Hosting , Simply Visit Hosting C Panel And install WordPress. If You Know How To connect Site to Hosting And Installing WordPress Please Go To YouTube and search You Can Found many Videos on Them To How Connect Site to Domain? and How install WordPress.


After Installing WordPress, Easily visit Your Dashboard site by Url like and then login with your login details.

Visit Your Plugin Tab And Click top of Add New Plugin and Install the Plugin WP Script Core.

Than visit Dashboard and Connect your wp script theme and plugin.


There Are Some Useful plugin For you Site Speed improvements And Help to Suffer and full info of website are

Jetpack – This Plugin Main Works provides you Full Statics Of Your Site Visitors. This Is Free Plugin and Best plugin For Detailed Statics.

Autoptimize – This Plugin Helps To Increase Speed Of Your Site.

WP Smush – This plugin is works for smushing size of Images which you embed and upload.

WP Optimize – This plugin also helps to Increase Speed Of Your Site and clean your database.

Yoast SEO Plugin – This Plugin Helps in SEO Of Your Videos And Site And also Blog And Pages.

WP Super Cache – This Plugin is Best For Optimize your site,minimize your script and css.

And more Which You Used As Your Need.

Driving free targeted adult organic traffic to your adult porn tube

I have shared numerous ways of building high quality adult backlinks that will rank your website high on Google’s search results for your target adult keywords.

Numerous adult websites: be it escorts sites, Adult directories, Adult blogs, Adult service oriented websites, Webcam model websites and other adult niche related websites have followed my adult search engine optimization techniques to rank higher on Google

Using the methods shared in the adult seo guide, i am getting close to 70% of my traffic free of cost from Google. Using the techniques you can easily rank your sex tube website on the search results of search engines.

Either you are using WordPress or porn tube scripts (adult tube scripts), this guide works for all platforms, helping you easily make money from your money tube site.

If you are not spending time on Adult seo and Building high quality adult backlinks for your website, then the chances of your adult porn tube site making money drops significantly.

Even if you find a great low competitive niche, even then you need search engine optimization and quality adult backlinks to drive targeted adult traffic to your website. Besting your competition is not that easy, but if you follow what i teach , you can easily become the best in your niche.

Now as you have know all the things related to your website lets make our first post.

How to make the perfect traffic driving post for porn tube website

Every website is looking for Free niche focused traffic. This is why we indulge in SEO (search engine optimization) so that we can get free visitors which are looking for the information that our website provides.

But SEO is a highly complicated process. The best part about opening a adult tube website is that Adult SEO site is comparatively much easier when compared with conventional SEO.

Why Detube theme you may ask, the reason is that Detube theme has this great feature on its posts such that you can hide the keywords in a post and only show the video to the visitor, in a way tricking Google to send you free visitors.

Let me explain how it works. We have already gone through how to do keyword research and creating an excel sheet full of keywords related to your niche.

Now what we are going to do, in every post that we make in the website, add some keywords related to the post and some more which are unrelated. This way whenever our posts get indexed in google, we will start ranking on few of the keywords since there is very little SEO competition in adult niche.

Here are some screenshots of an example post i made in one of my adult tube website

How Wrote SEO Related Post

Now the best part is that the keywords that you have stuffed are not visible to the visitor and neither does he care to click on the “show more” tab because all he is looking for is the video and everything else is irrelevant for him. So this is how theme comes in handy a lot and will help in tricking Google to send enormous free traffic to your website.

Using google webmaster to drive traffic to your porn tube website.

Tip: I would also recommend to start making backlinks with the keywords that are driving the maximum traffic on google webmaster

Now that you know that we are tricking Google to help us rank on different keywords, so all we need is a list of keywords that works for our website.

You must have already gone through How to do keyword research for adult SEO. With the help of google webmaster and after 2-3 months old website you will see a list of keywords in the “search traffic” panel


And now you have to download the excel sheet of all the keywords which you are ranking for in Google

download keywords webmaster

Now with this fresh list of keywords, all you have to do is add some of these in each post just like i told you.

Now you may be thinking won’t Google be penalizing me for Keyword Stuffing. Well i have been in this industry for 5 years now and with a portfolio of 15 different adult tube websites (all doing great with the same techniques i have taught you).

I am opening new adult tube websites each week now to earn more revenue and applying the same tricks which are working. My understanding says that the reason it works is because of the great visitor engagement with the website.

With high on-site time and increased pageviews Google algorithm is tricked to believe that the website offers something of great value (which in a way we are since we are a niche website).

In the fourth month you must be witnessing a decent amount of traffic which can easily be used to drive close to $200 per month if you follow the advertisements guidelines that i recommend.

These Tips For Create A Perfect Adult Tube Site.

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